Luk Chung Kit

Luk Chung Kit was 28 years old and lived in Kowloon’s Fook Chor Chuen Road.1

A Japanese trial summary, captured after the war by the British Army Aid Group, describes his resistance activity:

The accused LUK CHUNG KIT was out of work when the war broke out. About May 1942, he got to know the above-mentioned LUI KA YAN and when the latter went to WAICHOW to make contact with the British organization there at the end of March 1943, the accused accompanied him. LUI KA YAN later asked him to pass newspaper reports etc. to the British organization in WAICHOW and to receive funds for their work. He agreed to do this and secretly left the area in a fishing boat from SHATIN to carry out this mission.2

He was tried on the morning of October 21, 1943 and sentenced to death. He was one of the 33 courageous resistance agents executed on Stanley Beach early in the afternoon of October 29, 1943.

1 Trial Summary, Page 2.

2Page 7.


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