Cheng Yuet

In this seventieth anniversary year, I am going to post entries on all of the men and women executed for resistance work on October 29, 1943. In some cases, although not copious, the sources available mean that I have had to be selective:

In others, I provide all of the little information I have. This post is one of these cases: it is based solely on a Japanese trial summary that the British Army Aid Group captured soon after the liberation of Hong Kong. It forms part of the Ride Papers (held at the Hong Kong Heritage Project) and was kindly sent to me by Elizabeth Ride. More information on any of the Chinese or Indian people who died on October 29 would be greatly appreciated.

Cheng Yuet was a member of the pre-war Reserve Police Force (for more on the role of the men in this organisation during the war see the fall, he worked as the assistant manager of a wine shop and of the Kyoto Hotel. About the middle of March 1943 he was asked by Loie Fook Wing (David Loie, perhaps the most important operative in Hong Kong) to undertake espionage work on behalf of the BAAG.

He investigated and reported on the import and distribution of food and other supplies. He also reported on such topics as the nature of the personnel employed by the Hong Kong Harbour Department.

The date of his arrest is not known, but it was probably in early May.

He was part of the group of 27 prisoners tried on the morning of October 19. He was sentenced to death and executed alongside 32 other courageous men and women close to Stanley Beach on October 29, 1943.

He was from Trinidad and had been Assistant Manager of the Metropole Hotel before the war. His rank in the Reserve was Sub-Inspector. He was also known as Cleveland Elroy Chang Yit.


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